Fitting the Pieces Together

Through my years of education, I’ve known that I learn best in social or interactive situations of which the information is immediately relevant or applicable to me. My view of how I learn hasn’t necessarily changed through this course, but I have become more aware that I am definitely a person who learns most effectively through practices based in adult learning theories, social learning theory and cognitive learning practices.

In cognitive learning, you must be able to commit information to memory, process it and recall it as necessary. Although I am challenged with short term memory when it comes to things I read or information that requires philosophical processing, I am a very strong cognitive learner in relation to technical or number-based information (i.e. inventory of shipment, calculating financial information). At the same time, I’ve been able to understand the relativity of social learning to my daily life, ideas, career and social relationships. I am an observer of people. I watch and learn from others and then am more able to take my observations, draw conclusions and implement those conclusions into my work or life.

I use technology every day by visiting blogs, online communities and electronic newsletters. I am able to keep up on current trends, industry information, and significant news and events by visiting these online media outlets or subscribing to various electronically delivered news sources. Since these news sources are online, they are also rich in multimedia, i.e. photographs, drawings, videos, and links to other related sources, which allow me to further expand my research or knowledge seeking activities.  Often, I find additional information or resources through these sources which enhance my learning of the topic and become new regular sources of information for me.  The ability to link and be connected allows for a wider information stream for me to explore.

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