The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

Today’s technology provides immeasurable opportunity for sharing knowledge and information through blogs, websites and wikis. In an effort to continue my professional development, I subscribe to and read a number of blogs to keep up with current trends, resources, support and ideas in the world of eLearning and design. I find the viewpoints, topics and connections with the following blogs to be beneficial and inspiring- I hope you will, too.

Articulate’s The Rapid E-Learning Blog
Host: Tom Kuhlmann, a 15-year veteran of hands-on experience in the training industry.
Frequency: Weekly

Check it out for:

  • Current trends in eLearning technology
  • Designer tips and tutorials
  • Best practices on how to create interactive and engaging elearning courses
  • How to use existing programs like PPT in conjunction with elearning programs

Why this will continue to be an ongoing resource: Tom uses easily accessible software, such as MS Powerpoint, in conjunction with eLearning design programs to quickly produce innovative eLearning courses. This will allow me to keep up on current technology and quickly, yet effectively produce dynamic modules in a short amount of time. This blog also frequently offers tips on free software, fonts and other web tools, which are useful in online instructional design.

The Captivate Blog
Host: Community of experts of the Adobe® Systems Inc.
Frequency: Daily

Check it out for:

  • Program tutorials
  • Product Updates & Technical Support
  • Best Practices
  • Links to additional resources

Why this will continue to be an ongoing resource: The Adobe Captivate Blog is an essential resource. I use Captivate on a weekly basis to develop interactive learning modules. It will allow me to remain current on the program features, gain technical support when needed and utilize the program to its fullest in my efforts to provide multidimensional eLearning experiences to my learners.

Host: George Siemens, expert at Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University
Frequency: Daily

Check it out for:

  • Social Networking Site Reviews
  • Learning Management Technology
  • Content Management
  • ELearning & Instructional Design Trends & Innovations
  • Web-related articles, perspectives and topics

Why this will continue to be an ongoing resource: As an eLearning designer, I need to stay up-to-date about current technology, perspectives and trends in which impact my creative and instructional processes. This blog provides insight, reviews and information on a wide range of topics in which directly relate to my work as an eLearning designer.

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